Partnership Announcement

Neuron and FundProcess have partnered to build a joint solution entitled “AMCOPE”. This module, integrated to the FundProcess platform, provides a powerful Cash Monitoring Tool specifically dedicated to Private Equity transactions.

This model has been developed by a team of specialists with outstanding academic and professional backgrounds in Quantitative Finance, Risk Management and Valuation.

The AMCOPE model is a genuine proprietary model used to calculate a series of cumulated cash flows (i.e., drawdowns and distributions). Using the FundProcess Macro Editor, the user can encode Custom Inputs* related to the Private Equity deals (e.g., committed amount, total deal duration and drawdown period as well as the expected multiple on committed amount). With this tool, you can design Custom Dashboards showing the expected cash flows evolution for an entire private equity transaction.

Combining Neuron’s knowledge of Quantitative Analysis and FundProcess’ Data Management and Coding Tools has resulted in a powerful Cash Monitoring Tool dedicated to Private Equity transactions. This solution offers the following benefits :

  • A clear identification the parameters behind a successful Cash Flow Forecasting ;
  • A very satisfactory error margin at the Portfolio Level for Private Equity Funds composed of several Private Equity transactions, or at the level of a Management Company / AIFM, managing several funds ;
  • The ability to bypass IT and service providers to customize Cash Monitoring Tools.

*May be adjusted at any time to reflect the evolution of actual cash flows paid/received.

About FundProcess

FundProcess was founded by Frédéric Duquenne (CEO) and by Stéphane Royer (CTO) in 2019.

Frédéric is one of the co-founders of the fintech Gambit Financial Solutions sold to BNP Paribas AM in 2017. Frédéric was also Conducting Officer at Shelter Investment Management (LU), a Management Company where he was responsible for Risk and Operations.

Stéphane has been in the IT industry since 1998 and has an extensive expertise in Financial Software development, having worked for large Financial Companies such as KPMG, Credit Suisse, etc. He is the author of ETL.NET, an open-source project and has been awarded by Microsoft in 2022 as Most Valuable Professional (“MVP”).

FundProcess provides Data Management and Coding Solutions to be used directly by Asset Managers to set up and operate complex Data Management, eliminate manual operations, and design their own Business Functionalities, without IT.

For more information about FundProcess, visit the website :